Lantern Receives van Ameringen Foundation Funding for Mental Health Service Expansion

A Lantern Program Director talks to a resident in her office

In June 2015, Lantern Community Services was awarded a two-year, $120,000 grant from the van Ameringen Foundation to expand the evidence-based Illness and Management Recovery (IMR) program model to three Lantern sites.  With this funding, a total of 400 clients at six Lantern sites will have access to this social service model.

By applying IMR, Lantern has been able to improve mental health outcomes, increase overall wellness, and proactively prevent crises for more than 200 clients who are living with serious and persistent mental illness. IMR is a well-regarded evidence-based approach to empowering people with mental illnesses to understand their diagnoses, establish mental health related goals, and cope with the stressors associated with mental illness. Learn more about IMR and Lantern’s other evidence-based service models.

Founded in 1950 in New York City by Arnold Louis van Ameringen, the van Ameringen foundation has historically provided support for mental health programming and services to those living in poverty.

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