Dartmouth University researchers visit Lantern employment program to verify its success

Researchers from Dartmouth University will visit two of Lantern Community Services’ supportive housing sites in Manhattan today to verify the success of our Individual Placement & Support employment program. Thanks to the program, 11 formerly homeless people living with serious mental illnesses have been placed in competitive employment so far. Many of them are employed through relationships with local employers, as well as with corporations such as Macy’s and AMC cinemas.

Lantern is leading the way in New York in investing in programs that have a scientific evidence base behind them. Individual Placement & Support (IPS) was developed at Dartmouth University, and has been found to be three times more effective than other vocational approaches in helping people with mental illness to work competitively. With major investment planned for the supportive housing sector, more attention must be given to ensuring programs are proven to be effective.

Jason, 48, is supported by Lantern at Rustin House on 94th Street. He was homeless for six years and diagnosed with a serious mental health condition before coming to Lantern. He enrolled in the IPS program in June last year and started working at Macy’s in November. He now has two jobs, and is about to move on from supportive housing into his own apartment. He said that now he’s employed:

“I don’t have walls in front of me anymore; I’m able to reach my goals. Now I want to speak to other people who’ve been homeless like me and motivate them to get into employment. I want them to know that you can achieve anything”.

Leslie Abbey, Lantern’s Chief Program Officer, said:

“It’s been incredible to have Dartmouth’s support, and to know that we are offering our clients a program with proven results. We’re seeing people enter – and stay – in competitive employment for the first time in years.”

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