Lindenguild gets out the vote

Lantern's Lindenguild residents and staff participate in a Voter Registration Drive

Twenty residents were registered to vote at Lantern’s Lindenguild Hall last week, in an all-day Voter Registration Drive. Across the country, people who are the least financially secure are also the least likely to vote, or otherwise engage in politics. Lindenguild is in the Claremont neighborhood of the Bronx, and Program Director Jessica Rosado says that her personal experience of this effect is what prompted her to try and get residents more involved this election season:

“I was raised in the very community where Lindenguild stands and I am very aware of the lack of connection between politics and the community. Most of the residents at Lindenguild have never voted, or they believed that their criminal background would make them ineligible to vote. With the upcoming election, we wanted the residents to feel linked to the process.”

Jessica and her team are planning to continue registering people to vote throughout the summer, and come Election Day in November, will gather voters together to make their way to the polls. But they’re going further than that. To help residents engage with the issues they’ll be voting on, the Lantern team are cooking monthly Saturday brunches, including laying out newspapers and facilitating discussion of current events.


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