CSH launches Moving On toolkit

Michelle Depasqua, the second Lantern client to 'Move On', with her removalists outside Huntersmoon

The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) today launched its Moving On toolkit, to raise awareness of the program and help organizations plan, develop, sustain and evaluate effective Moving On programs. CSH has championed Moving On initiatives across the country, and with funds from the Robin Hood Foundation, is currently supporting Lantern and four other organizations in New York City to pilot it here.

Lantern was the first New York City organization to move a client out to her new apartment – Matoka Joyner, whose story is featured on CSH’s toolkit homepage. As of today, six Lantern clients have moved into their new homes and all are doing well.

Through Moving On, we have been able to identify clients who want to move out, and give them the resources they need to make it happen. Our Housing Transitions Specialist helps clients apply for their voucher and one shot deal funding from the City, and helps them search for a home in a neighborhood they’d like to live. Through our partnership with Operation HOPE, everyone planning to move receives one-on-one financial and credit counseling. When they’ve found a new home and are ready to move, we cover the cost of the removalist and identify funding to cover furniture if they need it. After they move, we stay in touch to make sure they know where to find services in their new community, and that they continue to thrive.

The real success of the program, though, is what we’ve been able to do next: move other people out of the City’s overcrowded shelter system into the vacated apartments. We enthusiastically support recent commitments to build new supportive housing, but we also know that it is just one aspect of the wider picture. The Moving On Initiative is a relatively inexpensive way to make sure that both new and existing supportive housing is available to those who really need it, and it illustrates that with a relatively small investment, we can make a significant contribution towards ending the homelessness crisis.

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