A day out of the city for Lantern kids

A Lantern staff member helps a child pick apples at Fishkill Farms

Every New Yorker knows that you need to get out of the city every now and again, and the fall calls for a leaf-peeping, apple-picking adventure. But for Lantern families who are struggling week-to-week on small incomes, even making the trip up the Hudson Valley from the Bronx is out of reach. That’s why we love it when we can join together on a trip.

Over a couple of weeks, we took 65 adults and children to Fishkill Farms, a historic, ecological orchard and farm. We had two wonderful days out, picking – and eating – some delicious apples, feeding chickens and playing on hay bales.

“It’s always good to get out of the building and go somewhere where you have never been before,” one Lantern client told us

Our apple-picking events aren’t just a great day out, though. Run through our Arts & Culture program, these days out help combat the social isolation that so many of our formerly homeless clients experience. They reinforce our nutrition programming, providing another opportunity to get healthy food and learn about sustainable farming. They support our programming for parents and children, providing a relaxed environment for families to play together and build positive connections.

With over 100 special events and 40 trips planned this year, we’re making Lantern a special place for people to live and recreate their lives after homelessness.

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