Jasper Hall student starts her journey to the theater

Lantern client and CUNY theater student, Delta Thompson, with her son

Delta Thompson was just 21 years old when she moved into Lantern’s Jasper Hall in Melrose Commons in the Bronx. It was the winter of 2009, Jasper Hall was newly built, and Delta’s baby son was just 11 months old.

Shift forward five years, and with Arthur now at school, Delta decided it was time for her to go back to school too. She enrolled for her Associate’s Degree, determined to create a better life for her family, and sought out the support of Lantern’s Employment and Education team. Delta was just looking for a part-time job, but Camille Molina, the team’s Specialist at Jasper Hall, wanted to know more. When Delta revealed her childhood dream of becoming an actress, and her goal of earning a degree, Camille got right to work.

Together, Delta and Camille researched her options for Bachelor of Theater Arts programs. They compiled application materials, wrote personal statements, and toured colleges, before Delta settled on applying to CUNY’s City College. She was accepted, and started in September.

When we asked Delta what motivated her, she said:

“After graduating High School pregnant with my son and taking a break to raise him, I decided that I wanted something more… I knew I wanted to go after my childhood dream of becoming an actress. I need to be able to show my son that if mommy can do it, anything is possible for him, and he can achieve his dreams.”

When Delta’s acceptance letter arrived, she and Camille got her financial aid and transfer credits in order and went together to transfer student orientation. Now, they meet each week to review Delta’s course syllabi and to tackle any challenges that come up.

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