World AIDS Day: Lantern introduces new interventions for people living with HIV

World AIDS Day logo 2016

Today is World AIDS Day, and we’re pleased to announce expanded programming from our Health and Wellness team, to increase our impact on health outcomes of our clients living with HIV/AIDS. Our new programs are supported in part by a grant from the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.

Through a partnership with the Latino Commission on AIDS, funded by the CDC, our new CLEAR program will support our clients to better adhere to their HIV treatment. CLEAR is an evidence-based and client-centered health promotion intervention, which uses one-on-one cognitive behavioral techniques to change behavior among people living with HIV.

Around one in four Lantern clients is living with HIV, but this is usually just one of many challenges they face. All have been homeless for two years or more before coming to us, they continue to survive on very low incomes, and many face a complex array of chronic physical and mental illness and disabilities – including three-quarters of our clients who have a mental health diagnosis. Most commonly, our clients living with HIV are also living with diabetes, depression or hypertension.

To tackle these co-occurring conditions, in the new year we will introduce the Stanford Diabetes Self-Management Program with our partner IPRO, and open a new on-site fitness center in the Bronx. Lantern opened our first on-site fitness centers over a year ago, providing access to exercise equipment, group fitness classes and personal training to 40% of our clients who are living with HIV. Our third fitness center, with weekly group fitness classes, will expand access to these services to more than two-thirds of our clients living with HIV.

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