AmeriCorp supports expanded volunteering program at Lantern

SVA students work with children who are Lantern residents, in a mask-making workshop


In just three months, Lantern’s volunteer program has expanded from two volunteers to 14 people volunteering weekly. Volunteers are supporting our Fresh Food Box program, our Arts and Culture activities, and administration in our main office. Last month, having more volunteers meant we could launch a more interactive food box program at Rustin House in the Upper West Side.

We’ve also had an increase in volunteers for one-off events, including helping to wrap gifts for children and young adults, helping out at the all-Lantern art show, and serving meals at Thanksgiving and our winter holiday parties. Volunteers are bringing a broad range of skills and experiences to Lantern: one is a fully licensed social worker, another a published writer, and we have everyone from college students to retirees.

This expansion has been possible because of NYC Service’s AmeriCorp program, which we’re participating in for the first time this year. The program aims to expand volunteerism in New York City. Lantern’s Civic Corp member, Copper Crane, joined us in September and has built our program almost from scratch. Copper says:


“The best part of my job is watching everyone get to know each other – it’s very satisfying to see our clients and volunteers getting talking, even about really mundane stuff. It’s like I’m helping build a small part of a much larger community.”

If you’re interested in volunteering, complete our application form.

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