Lantern Volunteer Program managed by Civic Corps member for 3rd Year!

Lantern is lucky to be a host site for NYC Civic Corps, an AmeriCorps program. These members serve full-time in community-based organizations and government in NYC to build volunteer management systems and leverage New York’s 50,000 volunteers to increase the quality and quantity of services delivered to underserved and vulnerable individuals.

In September, Lantern began our third year as a host site for NYC Civic Corps, continuing to expand volunteer opportunities to support Lantern’s staff and residents. Lantern’s Civic Corps member, Jacob Landsman, has already visited all 15 Lantern residences and has placed volunteers in areas from cooking classes to administrative support to one-day events.

Jacob with Lantern staff at a Thanksgiving event


Why did you want to join Lantern as your host site?

I wanted to have Lantern as my host site because, as a native New Yorker, homelessness has always been a highly visible issue to me, and I wanted to do something to help make the situation better rather than just complain about it.

Why were you excited to be a Civic Corps member?

I was excited to join the Civic Corps because I have always had a passion for public service, and I think it’s very important that the government do everything in its power to get young people more involved in improving their communities.  I also think that my time with the Civic Corps will provide me with some extremely valuable experience that will help me pursue a career in the non-profit field.

What are you excited to do this year as Volunteer Manager at Lantern?

What interests me most about my job is that I get to meet all different kinds of people who are coming together to give some of their free time to those who really need the help. It’s quite inspiring to me just how many people care enough to do that. I also really like that my job takes me to neighborhoods I haven’t been to before (especially in the Bronx!). New York is such a massive city that you can spend your whole life here and not see everything it has to offer, but at least I get to see a lot more than most people.

What is your favorite thing to do in NYC?

My favorite thing to do in NYC is probably going to concerts, but really it’s hard to choose because there’s so much great stuff to do here all the time! New York is arguably the best city in the world for concerts, and I love that my favorite artists will have at least a few stops in the city, so I get a chance to see pretty much anyone I want to. There are also so many venues and smaller artists trying to make it here, so you’re guaranteed to be able to see pretty much any kind of music you want almost any time.

Welcome Jacob!



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