Date posted: 07/24/2017

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Lantern Community Services is seeking a Leasing and Compliance Administrative Associate (LCAA) whose primary responsibility is to collect rent checks from clients. When a client fails to pay rent, the LCAA provides payment reminders and arrears notices to the client, and ensures that program staff is aware of the client’s rent payment status. In the event that such interventions fail, the LCAA ensures that legal eviction process is commenced and that program staff are kept updated on the client’s legal status. The LCAA must also collect signatures on compliance documents, including lease renewal forms and rental subsidy recertifications. The LCAA reports to the Leasing and Compliance Associate (LCA) and is expected to provide support to the LCA as needed.



  • Drafts leases, calculates rent and sends to LCA and Property Management for approval.
  • Schedules second client interview within 24 hours of receiving the approved lease from the LCA.
  • Obtains client signature on lease, subsidy application and apartment inspection form.


Rent Collection

  • Collects rent checks from clients, distributes rent payment envelopes to appropriate clients and provides rent receipts to clients.
  • Reviews HPD/HAP and NYCHA register on a monthly basis.
  • Files backup copies of rent receipts issued to client on-site according to unit number.
  • Sends original payment & back up documentation to Property Management semi-monthly, ordered by unit number.
  • Reviews aging summary report on a monthly basis to determine arrears issues.
  • Issues written arrears notices.
  • Provides information to program and clients on rental arrears, as needed.



  • Issues eviction notices in person or by mail.
  • Provides information on client legal status to program staff, as needed.
  • Ensures that the court appointed Marshall Issues eviction notices.



  • In coordination with program staff, notifies LCA & Superintendent of apartment vacancy using the vacancy follow up form.
  • Conducts vacant apartment inventory in coordination with Program Director and ensures that the completed inventory report form is distributed to staff.
  • Obtains property disposal notice from Superintendent at the end of the 30 day


Ongoing Compliance

  • Collects income documentation with LCS Staff from clients and update Tenant Income Certification forms in coordination with LCA.
  • Drafts lease renewal forms and calculates rent based on Rent Guidelines.
  • Collects client signatures on lease renewals with LCS staff.
  • Collects client signatures on subsidy recertification with LCS staff.


Performance Evaluation:

LCA will periodically evaluate LCAA using the following metrics:

  • Vacancy rate
  • Interviews conducted
  • Referrals obtained
  • Client rent collections
  • Subsidy rent collections
  • Timeliness of subsidy recertification submissions
  • Timeliness of lease renewal completion
  • Number of clients without rental subsidies
  • % of clients 30+ days in arrears in the legal process
  • Success rate of external audits


LCAA candidates must have either a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, Sociology, Psychology or related field, or at least three years of related work experience in a congregate housing setting. Candidates with experience working with low-income housing and supportive service contracts and special needs populations are preferred. All LCAA candidates should have the ability to work effectively with different levels of management; the ability to delegate effectively; excellent math and reasoning; the ability to critically read, interpret and complete documents; strong oral and written communication skills; the ability to facilitate positive changes in organizational culture; excellent goal and detail orientation; and self-direction.

LOCATION: New York City, NY
WORK SCHEDULE: This is a full-time position that is based in New York City.

To Apply: Please email a cover letter and resume to:

Candidates being considered for the position must sign a release form for Lantern Community Services to perform a criminal background check. Lantern Community Services provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment.