Lantern Community Services’ extensive onsite employment and educational services foster independence, community connection, and economic self-sufficiency for the formerly homeless individuals and young people we serve.

Our employment services match our clients’ needs, interests and work histories.  Our Employment and Education Specialists work with clients to promote employment as a path to an independent, stable future.  These Specialists are also experts in government-provided entitlements, and counsel clients on the interface between employment and benefits.  We work closely with ACCES-VR, a New York State Department of Education vocational rehabilitation program that helps individuals with disabilities achieve and maintain employment.

Lantern uses an evidence-based approach called Individual Placement and Support (IPS) to help clients with mental illnesses, physical disabilities, and other challenges enter or rejoin the workforce.  This approach prioritizes building relationships with local employers through continuous outreach.  Once these relationships are established, our IPS Specialists work to connect these employers with qualified candidates in our buildings.  After a client is employed, the IPS Specialists continue to support that individual in adapting to and excelling in the workplace. The Rockville Institute provides Lantern IPS staff with training and implementation support.

Lantern’s educational services complement our employment services by promoting clients’ long-term independence and economic security. Since people come to Lantern with widely varying educational histories, we tailor our educational services to each person’s needs and goals.

Clients can obtain their NYS High School Equivalency Diploma online through our National External Diploma Program (NEDP) through CASAS and the NYS Department of Education.  This online course is a competency-based, applied performance assessment system that serves adults and out-of-school youth. Our Employment and Education Specialists provide educational assessments, technical support and evaluation while students participate in this online course.

We also help high school graduates enroll in college and locate funding to support their college education. Additional services include access to literacy classes, financial literacy workshops, and vocational training.

Lantern’s educational services connect our clients with the transformative power of education and meaningful opportunities for economic self-sufficiency.