Lantern uses an adapted version of the program Illness Management and Recovery (IMR), a proven approach in supporting clients to reduce symptoms and hospitalizations related to mental health and substance use diagnoses, enhance motivation for health behavior changes, and improve overall quality of life.

T-IMR features individual and group sessions in which clients acquire skills for managing their illness and moving forward on their personal recovery goals. T-IMR is a targeted version of IMR, which has been evaluated in multiple randomized clinical trials, which have shown it to significantly reduce psychiatric hospitalizations, and improve overall mental health symptoms and substance use among participating clients. T-IMR includes a selected six of IMR’s original 11 modules, an adaptation designed to make Lantern’s implementation of the program accessible and effective for our agency’s unique setting and client population.

Lantern delivers T-IMR in partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Practice Transformation, who provide training for our staff and fidelity monitoring.

T-IMR is generously supported by the van Ameringen Foundation.