Food 4 Life is our a new, evidence-informed nutrition and financial capacity curriculumĀ for young adults aged 18 to 25, and is currently being developed and piloted with our young adult clients.

Like most young adults exiting foster care into independent living, the young people we serve undergo an abrupt and challenging transition when they come to Lantern following foster care. They often have a limited ability to cook, shop for food and budget, and living on very low incomes means that they often rely on highly-processed, nutritionally deficient food.

Food 4 Life aims to appeal to our young adults by reinforcing the pleasures of food and cooking; imparting a solid understanding of local food resources and how to stretch food budgets; offering opportunities to learn valuable self-advocacy skills and impact local food environments; and embracing healthy and satisfying eating habits that can last a lifetime.

Food 4 Life is delivered with the generous support of the US Department of Agriculture.