Homelessness is a dark, hopeless place, and in New York City it can feel like nothing will change. Lantern is that change. We give people a home, and a reason to be excited for their future.

But that’s not the end of the story. The people we serve still live with the trauma of homelessness, they often suffer with disability and chronic illness, and struggle to make ends meet. Our services give them the tools they need to recover – to get a job, to get the healthcare they need, to cook healthy food for themselves and their family, and to connect with their communities.

Your help today ensures that we can keep our most innovative programs running, and change the lives of New Yorkers who have been homeless.

Donate through PayPal using the button above, or send us a check made out to “Lantern Community Services”. When you donate, you’ll be added to our contact list, and we’ll stay in touch to let you know how your donation is making a difference.